GMAT Ninja has been around since 2009, and our founder, Charles, has worked as a GMAT tutor and classroom teacher since (gulp!) 2001. Yes, we’re growing and evolving as a company -- hey, we’re even on Instagram now -- but our goal has never been growth for its own sake. There are plenty of successful test-prep companies that pursue growth at the expense of quality and perhaps even integrity; we’ve never wanted to become one of them.

Instead, we hire tutors and pursue new projects only when we know that they’ll be GREAT, and only when they provide something new and special for test-takers. If you join us, we’d invite you to collaborate on projects that you find fulfilling and inspiring and enjoyable.

As we grow, we’ll continue working on the following projects:

  • Intensive GMAT workshops, offered in major world capitals and on-site at select companies

  • Honest GMAT and GRE guides and practice resources that avoid the gimmicks and empty promises often found in test-prep resources

  • GMAT and GRE instructional videos

  • Pro-bono teaching and curriculum services for schools and non-profit education organizations

In other words: we want to make sure that our work as educators has breadth and life to it. We want you to be a part of creating something new and exciting – and we’ll never want you to be an occasionally-bored, punch-the-clock employee.

And in addition to fun education-related projects…

Here’s what we offer:

  • We’ll train you to be one of the very best tutors in the industry. Large test-prep companies tend to teach a narrow curriculum, and they like to “script” their teachers. We want you to be yourself, and develop your own awesome style. In other words, we’ll work hard to make you the best possible version of yourself.

  • You’ll get to work with four of the world’s most brilliant stand-up comedians. OK, maybe not. Fine: definitely not. But we’re fun, nice people who try to keep things interesting.

  • The lifestyle is pretty great: you’d have a flexible schedule, and sessions can usually be conducted via Skype. So if you’re a traveler or a filmmaker or a novelist or a food blogger or something, tutoring can be an amazing way to support your other passions.

  • The pay isn’t bad, either: if you’re successful, you’ll ultimately earn far more than tutors at any large test-prep company. If you kick butt and develop a following, we’ll raise your pay quickly — $100-$160/hour or more, depending on your performance.

What about the GRE?

In the long run, we expect all of our tutors to be prepared to teach the GRE, since nearly all of the core skills for GMAT tutoring translate easily to the GRE, and a great GMAT tutor would only need a few weeks of training to become a great GRE tutor. In practice, however, the GRE is a fairly small proportion of our business, since MBA programs still prefer the GMAT for most applicants. So we’ll want you to be GRE-ready someday, but it’s unlikely to be a huge part of your work.

Did you make it through that text? Still awake? Maybe even still interested? Read more about our vision.

Still interested? Read about who we’re looking for.