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  • Charles Bibilos, GMAT Ninja founder, is one of the world’s most accomplished GMAT tutors, with more than 15 years of test-prep tutoring experience. Charles holds an M.A. in Education, and he graduated with distinction with a B.A. in Economics from Stanford University. He has earned perfect scores on the GMAT, GRE, and ACT, and he is also an accomplished writer of education curriculum.  Bio
  • Michael Maietta, the proud owner of a 99th percentile GMAT score and a summa cum laude degree in Mechanical Engineering, developed his interest in tutoring more than a decade ago, and joined GMAT Ninja full-time in 2016, after several successful years as a management consultant and private tutor.  Bio
  • Dave Goldstein has taught test prep since 2004, winning teacher-of-the-year awards from two large test-prep companies before joining GMAT Ninja. Dave is the ultimate academic Swiss army knife: he graduated magna cum laude with a concentration in Finance from the Wharton School and earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College.  Bio
  • Dana Stepleton is a West Point graduate with 99th percentile scores on the GMAT, SAT, and ACT. As an Army officer, Dana became a Master Resilience trainer, and she is committed to maximizing her students’ potential by helping them employ mental toughness skills on the GMAT exam.  Bio

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