If you’re reading this, congratulations! You’re about to start GRE tutoring. (If you’re taking the GMAT, please click here instead.)

Before you get started, please do the following:

1. Make sure you’re comfortable with EVERYTHING on our rates and policies page

We don’t want to spring any unpleasant surprises, so please read EVERYTHING in our not-very-exciting rates and policies page, especially the parts about the cancelation policy and our two-hour session length. 

If you have objections or concerns, please let your tutor know immediately.

2. Purchase these GRE books

Unless your tutor has told you otherwise, you’ll need all of the following for the GRE:

  1. New GRE Official Guide (2nd or 3rd editions are practically identical other than page numbers, so buy whichever you prefer)

  2. GRE Verbal Reasoning Guide

  3. GRE Quantitative Reasoning Guide (you can also get all three of the above in a single bundle if you want)

  4. old GRE Official Guide (only available used)

If your tutor wants you to purchase additional materials, he or she will let you know before you visit this page.

3. Complete some diagnostic assignments, as provided by your tutor

In most cases, we’ll assign 3-4 hours of diagnostic homework before your first tutoring session. The exact assignments will depend on your situation, and your tutor will select something tailored to your needs.

4. Be prepared for ~15 hours of GRE homework per week + weekly tutoring sessions

Tutoring is great, but the real improvements will happen through hard work between sessions. We expect our students to complete roughly 15 hours of homework per week (2 hours per weekday and 3-4 hours per weekend day), with tutoring sessions roughly once per week. 

If you aren’t prepared to sustain this workload, please let your tutor know immediately. 

Thank you, and have fun studying!

– Charles, Mike, Dave, & Dana