Michael Maietta

The proud owner of a 790 on the GMAT, Michael graduated summa cum laude in Mechanical Engineering, and is an experienced teacher, writer, and management consultant.


Michael first began to develop his passion for teaching and tutoring at Boston University, where he graduated at the top of his class in Mechanical Engineering. After interrupting his tutoring career with several successful years at a major management consulting firm, Michael rekindled his love for teaching in 2015, and joined GMAT Ninja in 2016. Online reviews of his tutoring can be found herehere, and here.

Michael is the son of two lifelong educators, and he excels at helping students build both their underlying skills and their confidence with the GMAT. Michael strikes a masterful balance between being a genuinely nice guy and being a brutally honest tutor: he’ll always tell you what you need to hear about your GMAT progress – even if it’s not necessarily what you want to hear. And despite his quantitative academic training, Michael achieved a perfect 51 on the GMAT verbal section, and excels as one of GMAT Club’s resident GMAT verbal experts; if you enjoyed a GMAT Ninja article or QOTD explanation on the forum, odds are good that Michael wrote it.

Outside of his career as a tutor, Michael is an avid traveler who has visited 19 countries. He has worked in Chile and in Colombia, where he experienced a torrid love affair with ajiaco, obleas, and empanadas. Michael also enjoys surfing, snowboarding, hiking, cycling, and recording his own guitar music.