GMAT Tutoring — Rates & Policies & Fine Print

The GMAT is complex enough, so we try to keep our tutoring rates and policies as simple as possible. Here’s everything you need to know:

Rates & Payment Policies (valid through June 15, 2019)

  • Current rates are $420/hour to work with Charles Bibilos and $280/hour to work with any of our other tutors. These rates apply for all services: GMAT tutoring, GRE tutoring, and MBA admissions consulting. All services are available online via Skype.
  • All GMAT tutoring sessions are two hours long. Exceptions can be made only in rare cases.
  • Rates are subject to change in response to market demand. However, we won’t raise rates on you after you start working with us — if you begin GMAT or GRE tutoring when rates are lower, then the same rate applies for the duration of your studies… even if the rate goes up for new students.
  • Payment is required at each session. For online GMAT and GRE students, payment is usually handled via PayPal, Zelle, Chase QuickPay, or (preferably) Venmo.
  • If you have a specific budget, please let us know BEFORE you start tutoring, though — that way, we can be sure to use our time together as effectively as possible.
  • Sorry, we do not offer volume discounts or “package rates” of any sort. This allows you to maintain your flexibility — very few students know how much GMAT tutoring or MBA admissions consulting they’ll need before they get started, and there’s no need to lock yourself into more hours than you’ll ever actually use.

Cancellation Policy

  • Here’s where we have to be a little bit mean. We make our living by selling our time in two-hour increments. If you book a GMAT tutoring session and then cancel at the last minute, it really, really sucks for us. If you cancel less than 48 hours before a session (or don’t show up at all), we ask that you pay for your session, since you’ve already prevented us from offering that slot to other GMAT or GRE students. If you’re the victim of an unexpected and terrible act of nature (blizzards, subway fires, internet outages, etc.), we’ll understand. Otherwise, please be respectful, and either A) show up to your GMAT tutoring appointment, or B) give us plenty of warning if you need to reschedule, or C) pay for our time if you don’t do either of the above. Fair?

Scheduling & Punctuality

  • Please arrive on time.
  • Please please please arrive on time.
  • If you’re early, you might interrupt another GMAT student, and that isn’t fair. Worse, you might prevent us from eating lunch, and then we’ll be cranky, crappy GMAT tutors.
  • If you’re late, your GMAT tutoring session will still end at the scheduled time… so it’s your loss if you’re late. Sorry, we have to be a little bit mean about this.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at, or check out our GMAT tutoring FAQ page for more.