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Student 1: From 520 to 690!

I was stuck in a rut. After an unsuccessful GMAT course and an ineffectual self-study regimen, I managed to get abysmal scores on my two GMAT attempts: 530 and a 520. I studied intensely for over a month and managed to get my score down on my second attempt! As a management consultant, I knew the value of hiring a third-party to help evaluate what I was doing wrong and how best to improve my score. In the spirit of leaving no stone unturned, I started taking a serious look at GMAT tutors.

I was immediately impressed with our first session. He's analogous to a brilliant detective that teases out how your brain works - what are the strengths and shortcomings. You could tell he gets a kick out of taking up the challenge and becoming your personalized "GMAT Ninja" to help you overcome this obstacle/burden. In just one hour, I felt like I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge along with tailored homework assignments to address my areas of focus. He also seemed to memorize the GMAT Prep books' questions because I could literally talk through a problem that I had issues with and he knew the exact question I was referencing (by the number!).

Charles is honestly one of the smartest guys I've met. He exudes immense brain power but, what's refreshing, is his humility. He has every right to have an air of arrogance but he fails to because he doesn't take himself so seriously. Charles gets invested in his students and has the capabilities/talents to bring you to the next level. Thanks to Charles - I made a 140 point improvement in the GMAT on my third try and was able to get into the MBA program of my dreams. I give Charles and the GMAT Ninja team my highest endorsement and strongly encourage you to reach out if you want to rise above this temporary hurdle.
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Student 2: How I went from 580 (Q42 V27) to 710 (Q48 V40)

…I started to look at all the different test prep companies I could potentially use to help boost my score. After a lengthy evaluation process and I determined that private tutoring was the right fit for me. I called up Charles Biblios (yes, the GMAT Ninja)“

He was great. Super smart, a great teacher and an all around nice guy. He was flexible even with my crazy work hours and travel schedule. I am 100% confident that I wouldn’t have been able to break 700 without his insight and homework regimen. All of his recommendations and prescribed homework was exactly what I needed.
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Student 3: My score in the end was a 730/Q47/V45

…My strategy was mostly what I described below, starting with signing up for a private tutor to personally analyze my situation. I carefully considered those from the big test companies, but decided it would be better to try out someone independent who didn't have to push certain materials. I tried a few different unimpressive tutors but was firmly convinced by Charles Biblios, aka GMAT Ninja. He took a personal interest in my overall goals and was critical to developing a strategy to improving my math performance. Charles is a fun-loving GMAT genius and crackerjack pedagogue. His lighthearted intensity makes boosting your score seem a matter of snapping together legos.

…Over the course of several sessions with Charles, he quickly developed a sense of my individual strengths, weaknesses and peculiarities when facing the GMAT. We focused on building basic math skills rather than practicing super difficult problems.

…I think the critical component was Charles' advice on accuracy and timing.
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Student 4: From 580 to 730 (Q49V41)!! My journey

With some suggestions from others I hired the GMAT Ninja for private tutoring, and used Michael Maietta (Charles' teammate).

I had four 2-hour sessions with him and did ~15 hours/week of quant drills. This is where that Q45 turned into a Q49-50. The name of the game is to master algebra and DON'T MAKE STUPID MISTAKES. If you get a tough combinatorics problem correct, good for you- you get a small bonus. If you get a mid-level algebra problem wrong, you're ****. Master the medium level problems with the GMATPrep question pack and don't make mistakes.

With the GMAT Ninja, my verbal score went from 37-38 to 41-44…Special thanks to Michael Maietta at GMAT Ninja who found out what my mistakes were and made me drill them. He also held me accountable to doing my assignments, and was very generous with his time.” Read full review here.

Student 5: Can't believe I did it! (from 670 to 730)

I decided to try the private tutoring, called up Charles Biblios and started to prepare for my test in a month.

Highlights of my tutoring experience:

- Materials used: Official Guide, Blue verbal guide and LSAT materials (for CR and RC)

- (SC) Charles highlighted few basic and the most fundamental grammar rules for me. Most importantly, he helped me to spot the SC traps that I missed before. After few sessions, I’ve seen significant improvement when doing the SC questions.

- (CR & RC) As I’ve exhausted most of the questions in the OG and the blue verbal guide, LSAT material is my only option left. I was reluctant to try these materials at first, since people always feel these questions are more challenging. Surprisingly, I did not do as bad as I anticipated and this has indirectly boosted my confidence.

What I gained the most from Charles is learn to apply the rules I learned previously and applied them in answering questions. I developed the great sense of what GMAT is testing and developed the instinct to spot the traps.
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Student 6: +120 points in 4 months...

Leading up to the first test, I did self-study with MGMAT and official guide stuff for about 5 weeks. After the test 1 debacle, I committed myself to doing whatever it would take to improve. For me, that involved getting precise and dedicated GMAT assistance from a private tutor, which is the best way I learn (vs. doing a larger class).

Charles was a major contributor to my improvement as he first helped build a base of knowledge upon which we then were able to create specific plans that attacked key areas of deficiency. While not inexpensive, I found him to be a great value in terms of insight, time and resources, particularly in comparison to rates for private tutoring from larger firms.
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Student 7: From 510 to 710! Thanks BTG & GMAT Ninja

During a trip to Europe I came across a post on BTG (one of my most visited sites during that time) and decided to have a quick chat with the GMAT Ninja (http://gmatninja.com/) and map out a strategy to get me to my target score: 680+. Excited about my future tutor's experience and practical steps, I met with him a few weeks later in NYC and was even more impressed with his method/recommended homework/reading material etc.

My goal was to eliminate the element of surprise every step of the way (especially for math) and my tutor accomplished exactly that: he started out by testing me on several GMAT math concepts and once he grasped my weakness, he would explain the concept in detail and practice this concept through several exercises, increasing the level of difficulty and twisting the question in every way possible until the concept being tested was tattooed in my brain--this allowed me to tap into that brain pattern each time I saw the above concept tested.

Although I'm not a native English speaker, verbal turned out to be my strength. Hence my tutor recommended the toughest material: retired LSAT tests and LSAC study guides with answers/explanations. He emphasized the importance of reviewing the answers (and understanding where I went wrong: missing a detail, rushing through the question, not paraphrasing the argument in my head before trying to answer etc).
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Student 8: Definitely worth it! 590 - 690!

Mike was my tutor for the GMAT. My GMAT score jumped 100 points.

I took the test once on my own. I went through the Manhattan Strategy Guides. I didn't have a lot of structure. I didn't study consistently. Mike brought structure and confidence to my studying.

When I was shopping around for tutors, I met with two tutors via skype. The first tutor was lackluster and didn't seem to care about my background (e.g., education, strengths, weaknesses). Everything was very cookie cutter. When I met with Mike, it was the exact opposite. He was full of excitement and positive energy. I had a good feeling ending that call.

Turns out my intuition was right. He had a big smile and great energy every time we chatted! It got me motivated. He believed in me, which made me believe in myself.
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Student 9: Started w/ a 350 ended with 630.

It was about early December 2016 that I was introduced to Michael Maietta, via Charles Biblios, aka GMAT Ninja. Mike came highly recommended by Charles. As I was studying from the UK, I questioned whether working with a teacher based in the USA was a sensible plan. However, Mike quickly found a schedule that worked for me and we set to work via Skype.

From the moment we started, I knew that working with Mike was going to be a rewarding experience. He is both hugely talented, professional and insightful while at the same time bringing a level of fun and energy into the classroom that kept me looking forward to the next lesson (something I didn't know was possible with Maths!). He very quickly got the measure of me and created a plan that would build upon my foundation level and enable me to advance towards the harder questions.

I also would not have prevailed were it not for Mike's remarkable ability to motivate and push me forwards. Given the size of the task ahead, it was easy on occasion to lose focus/spirit and whenever this happened, he would find a way to get me fired up again. His level of dedication to my cause was exemplary and far exceeded what I expected. This is a real string to his bow and again another reason why going down the tutor route paid dividends.

One final credit I would like to bestow upon Mike was his insight into the tactics of taking the test. Mike helped work towards my deadlines and had a solid strategy for using the precious Mock tests/ practice material. As the test date neared, he adjusted the intensity to ensure I was exam fit and was always conscientious of the external factors that would also play an important role in optimising my test day performance, such as sleep, exercise and diet. I trusted in his guidance and when the big day came, I felt as ready as I ever could be.
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