Online GMAT & MBA Basics 

  • -- official home page for all things GMAT, but you already knew that... they even have an official GMAT blog now
  • GMAT PowerPrep software -- the only two "real" GMAT practice tests available
  • GMAT Focus -- 24-question adaptive GMAT quantitative tests, written by GMAC. Despite the brevity, it's arguably worth the price, as long as you don't mind a few repeats from the GMAT Official Guide.
  • Poets & Quants -- outstanding MBA website, offering an unusually comprehensive analysis of the business school investment

GMAT and GRE Internet Forums

MBA Rankings

GMAT and MBA Applicant Blogs

  • 3-Day MBA -- featuring some adventurous, food- and travel-loving IESE MBA students
  • Ellipsing My Way... to Business School -- a charismatic Dunkin' Donuts addict does battle with the GMAT... and eventually wins
  • Unclear Admit -- an Indian IT male suffers through the admissions process
  • MBA: My Break Away? -- the tagline says it all: one gay guy's journey to receive an MBA in hopes of closing the achievement gap in the U.S... outstanding, entertaining writing from a non-profit perspective
  • MBA Over 30 -- the MBA application process through the eyes of a lively California thirtysomething
  • Hari For MBA -- yes, this is a shameless plug for an older blog written by one of my students in NYC, but I swear that it's actually a great blog; check the archives from a couple of years ago for the details on his battle with the GMAT and applications
  • A New Yorker's MBA Journey Yo! -- an entertaining, prolific NYC MBA blogger with more than 140 blog entries
  • 2012 MBA Applicant -- who wouldn't love a GMAT/MBA blog written by a guy who posts pictures of himself passed out on a beach after hugging a giant chicken? Even the rabbits on his blog drink beer. Possibly my favorite MBA blog of all-time.
  • Fortune 800 -- blog written by a lovably quirky team of three applicants from the University of Michigan; you might want to steer clear of these guys if you're a Spartans or Buckeyes  fan
  • Reason GMAT -- another GMAT tutor blog
  • Random Wok -- documents an applicant's journey to UCLA Anderson and his thoughts on markets and economics
  • Just Ship -- blog written by an introspective MBA applicant who decided not to get an MBA after all

A random batch of likable blogs... none of which have anything to do with the GMAT, GRE, or MBA admissions

  • Almost Arranged -- written by an Indian-American woman (and MBA student) whose parents are desperately trying to get her hitched before she hits 30
  • Oracle of Jerusalem -- chronicles a young American's adventures in Israel; despite his relative youth, his new coworkers welcomed him as "the oracle" when he arrived at his finance job in Jerusalem... pretty funny, since the guy has almost no ego whatsoever
  • United Nations of Food (NYC) -- an oddball blogger from New York City is trying to eat food from every country in the world, without leaving the five boroughs... good luck, dude
  • Pronghorn Pilates (Denver) -- don't judge, Pilates is apparently good for you. I started following this blog when I read a post that somehow connected Pilates to a football player's ability to drop-kick an opponent. Hilarious.