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So I’m sure that you’ve already noticed that this website is called GMAT Ninja, not GRE Ninja, and—especially if you’re looking for a GRE tutor—you might be wondering why I say relatively little about the GRE.  And the answer is pretty simple:  the GRE is a less complicated exam than the GMAT, and I simply don’t meet very many people who are getting their butts kicked by the GRE.

Don’t get me wrong:  the GRE isn’t much fun, either.  The GRE is a little bit longer than the GMAT, and it contains some pretty annoying vocabulary questions.  But the good news is that the GRE doesn’t have any grammar-based questions, and the GRE quant section lacks the breadth, depth, and bizarre cruelty of the GMAT.  And as I discussed in a blog post comparing the GRE and the GMAT, the GRE allows you to change your answers within each section… which means that the GRE is far less frightening than the GMAT, and the psychological and strategic challenges aren’t as nasty.

Even though the GRE offers a more pleasant test-day experience than the GMAT, you’ll still need to take an organized, disciplined approach to the test.  The GRE is an adaptive test—albeit in a different way than the GMAT—which means that careless errors can cause disproportionate damage to your score.  It’s important to learn to manage your time wisely, and it’s crucial that you avoid careless errors, just like on the GMAT.

After more than a decade of GRE tutoring, I’ve learned to focus my students’ attention on time management and trap avoidance, in addition to the algebra, statistics, geometry, and data analysis fundamentals that form the core of the GRE quant section.  We’ll also focus on ways to improve your critical reading performance, as well as strategies for conquering GRE vocabulary questions; even if you don’t understand every single word in the answer choices, it’s possible to give yourself a fighting chance on tough vocabulary questions if you understand the question format and patiently employ some logic.

As much as anything, I’ll ensure that you take a consistent, efficient approach to GRE questions, and I’ll provide structured, organized homework lists that include the study materials that are ideal for your needs at each point in the study process.  I’ll do everything I can to make sure that every minute of your GRE study time is used wisely.

But in any good standardized test-prep course, the hard work is yours.  Your tutor is just here to facilitate the process, help you aggressively tackle your weaknesses, set a study agenda, make your time more efficient, and make sure that you use practice materials that optimize both your GRE score and your study time.  Your personal GRE goals might be extremely ambitious, or you might just be looking to score somewhere in the neighborhood of the median.  In either case, I’ll offer a methodical, customized approach that maximizes your potential for a great score.

As always, I won’t feed you a line of crap about magical score improvements, and I’m not going to offer you any hollow guarantees.  Hiring a GRE tutor is like hiring a personal trainer: if you want your GRE brain to get big and buff, you need to pump some serious (quantitative and verbal) iron outside of our tutoring sessions.

If any GRE test-prep tutor tells you that a massive score increase is easy, he or she is lying through their teeth. Yes, the GRE is more straightforward than the GMAT, and it may be possible to raise your GRE score by 20 or more points per section.  But you’ll need hours of carefully focused practice on an almost-daily basis.  There’s no magic to any of this, and I’ll make you work hard—and work efficiently—to achieve your GRE goals.

So if you want a painfully honest (but very polite) GRE tutor who will kick you to the curb if you don’t do your homework, give me a call. (Actually, I’m usually a really nice guy, and I rarely enjoy kicking anybody to the curb. But it’s not fun for me to sit around and blabber about the GRE while you waste your money on me, so I’ll be completely straight about what I can do for you, and what you need to do to achieve your GRE goals.)

Please explore my blog and bio and FAQ to get a sense of how I approach GRE and GMAT test-prep… with the understanding that most of my readers are more interested in the GMAT, and nearly everything I say about the GMAT also applies—albeit in a less-stressful way—to the GRE.   Feel free to call or email if you want to discuss your specific GRE tutoring needs.

In-person GRE tutoring is available in Denver, Colorado, usually at my home in the northwest corner of the city. For students who live outside of Denver, I also offer online GRE tutoring via Skype.  If you want to learn more about my GRE tutoring rates and other fine print, click here.  And if you’re not in Denver, here’s an honest assessment of the effectiveness of online GRE and GMAT tutoring.

Thank you for reading this far, and good luck with your GRE and graduate school ambitions!

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