Wanna become a GMAT tutor?

After resisting for years… well, GMAT Ninja is growing, and we’re hiring some new GMAT tutors.

This isn’t exactly a conventional job. We’re a tiny company, and you’d be joining just two established tutors. So think of this as a full-time partnership — we’re looking for whip-smart people who are excited to grow and learn with us.

So… why might you want to become a GMAT tutor with us?

  • Tutoring can be a ton of fun. I am not making this up.
  • You’ll get to work with two supermodels. OK, maybe not. But we’re fun, nice people who try to keep things interesting.
  • The lifestyle is pretty cool: you’d have a flexible schedule, and sessions can usually be conducted via Skype. So if you’re a traveler or an artist or a food blogger or something, tutoring can be an amazing way to support your lifestyle.
  • The pay isn’t bad, either: if you’re successful, you’ll ultimately earn far more than tutors at any large test-prep company. If you kick butt and develop a following, we’ll raise your rates quickly — think $100-$180/hour or more, depending on your performance.
  • We’ll train you to be one of the very best tutors in the industry. Large test-prep companies tend to teach a narrow curriculum, and they like to “script” their teachers. We want you to be yourself, and develop your own awesome style. In other words, we’ll work hard to make you the best possible version of yourself.
  • If you’re interested in growing into other, related types of work – like writing test-prep books, providing pro-bono teaching services for schools, or conducting workshops overseas – then we’re the perfect place for you. We’ve done all of those things, and would be thrilled to do more of them.

Required characteristics and qualifications:

  • Proven ability to kick the crap out of standardized tests. If you’ve never touched the GMAT before, that’s cool, but we’ll need evidence of strong test-taking skills in some form or another.
  • Incredible people skills and perceptiveness. To be a great GMAT tutor, you have to be great at getting inside your students’ heads, so if you have that talent, let’s talk.
  • Interest in tutoring as a long-term, full-time career. It will take a few months to become a good tutor — and years to become a great one. It’s not worth going down this path unless you’re pretty sure that you’ll want to invest the time to become amazing at it. Sorry, but we definitely aren’t looking for part-time or short-term staff.
  • Some teaching or tutoring experience — but not necessarily with standardized testing. As long as it’s clear that you have great teaching instincts, we can teach you the rest.
  • Schedule flexibility. Training will probably take a few months, depending on your experience — and our students generally prefer to meet outside of normal business hours. So if you have some schedule flexibility, it will make both training and tutoring much, much easier.
  • Collaborative spirit. If you start working with us, you’ll be only our third tutor. So there’s plenty of room for all of us to find creative ways to collaborate, make each other better at tutoring, and provide a better service for our students.
  • Good question-writing skills. We develop a lot of our own practice materials, so we definitely want partners who can contribute to those efforts.

Desired but not necessary characteristics:

  • Strong academic background. Most of our students are interested in attending elite MBA programs, so it’s a plus if you’ve attended some sort of elite university.
  • Physical presence in a major city with a large GMAT test-taking population.
  • Some talent for marketing. We have a great base of students and an outstanding reputation, but there’s always room to improve our ability to reach a new audience.
  • Familiarity with the MBA admissions process.

Things I really don’t care about:

  • GMAT or test-prep tutoring experience. We’re happy to train the right candidate — so if you’ve never done this before, no big deal. As long as I can tell that you have great teaching instincts and a passion for teaching, we’re all good.
  • Whether you have an MBA. An MBA is not a teaching degree, and I’ve still never met a great tutor who has one.
  • Your country of residence. Most tutoring can be conducted via Skype, so we’re open to the right overseas candidate.

Still interested? Send over a detailed resume, a rundown of your standardized scores, and an informal introduction to gmatninjallc@gmail.com. Formal cover letters are boring as hell, so please be yourself, and tell us about yourself and why you think we’d be a good fit for each other. No phone calls, please.